The STRHummer Kazookulele may be the most fun, hybrid instrument I’ve ever made. A beautifully constructed, plastic,  16” toy ukulele with “authentic sound” combined with PLHummer Kazoo technology creates a visually stunning and loud instrument that allows you to easily “strum and hum” all your favorite tunes with little skill necessary! The toy ukulele is not able to be tuned with precision and is not intended to be played as a real ukulele but don’t worry, the PVC kazoo assembly does most of the work!

Due to limited availability of parts and varieties of toy ukuleles it is necessary to keep an eye on my Facebook page and this site as to what STRHummer Kazookuleles are actually available.

The custom designed PVC Kazoo fitting can be applied to real Ukuleles but does require a permanent opening to be drilled into the back of the instrument without affecting its sound or playability. You are welcome to contact me directly if you are interested in converting your ukulele into what I refer to as a STRHummer Kazookulele PRO.

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Buy Now for $50

Current available stock. Please follow the facebook page for the most up to date availability.

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