The PLHummer Kazoo is exactly what its name implies. It is a kazoo made entirely of authentic plumbing supplies and one thin resonator.  Made with an actual plunger and schedule 40 PVC parts it is a durable, laughable instrument that is as loud as they come! Mostly white, it is easy to paint and decorate to suit your personal tastes.

The PLHummer Kazoo is a unique instrument that will serve you well for years! It can be played with the plunger on or off depending on your preference. It is louder with it off but much more fun to look at and has a much richer tone with it on. The PLHummer is generally shipped with the plunger off for packing purposes. Just plug it into the large front end of your PLHummer Kazoo and you are ready to play!

Due to the varied availability of parts,  each PLHummer Kazoo may be slightly different than those shown here in photos but please be assured that they are all individually hand-crafted by me with the same intended quality as my personal PLHummer Kazoo.

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