G. F. Entertainment

balloonman7Birthday Parties

Entertain your children at their birthday party with a full schedule of fun that includes a comedy magic show, balloon art and face painting!


Comedy magic shows entertain children of all ages! Great for school functions, community events, parties and more! No audience is too large!



Captain Visual is the author of one of the most popular and authoritative books on balloons. Impress your audience with the  unlimited balloon creativity that G.F. Entertainment can provide!


Face Painting

Transform your guests with fantasy face paint that will turn them into any of their favorite characters or animals. If they don’t want their entire face painted creative tattoos can adorn their arms or cheeks!


Stilt Walking

Sometimes bigger is better! Stilt walking has become a family tradition at G. F. Entertainment providing expressive costumes and wildly animated performances that will tower over your guests and make lifetime impressions!

wildwood puppets

Giant Puppets

Our unique giant puppets stand approximately fourteen feet tall, towering above large crowds creating an impact in any environment. Visible from blocks away  they are perfect for parades and festivals