The Floating Block is my variation of the classic magic trick, “Cubio” only BIGGER! 

Everyone has had blocks as a child but nobody had one that floats on a string like this one. Hold the string down with your foot so the block can’t get away as you hold the other end with your hand. Be sure the audience concentrates when they say the magic word or your foot is in for a hurting! After a few failures the block will float in place and descend at your will until you make it rise to everyone’s surprise!

Big presentation and big laughs makes this the perfect magic prop for large stage shows or small parlor parties. Plays big but packs small to fit every entertainer’s show. Instant reload makes it ideal for strolling entertainment and parades.

Block is approximately 4” x 4” x 4” made of durable construction vinyl and decorated with colorful, reflective mylar on a nylon rope that is approximately 5 feet long. This is a workhorse trick that will provide many years of service and smiles! 

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