The Balloon Artist Field Bag is a modular system for carrying balloons that can be small or big depending on your needs. It can be worn, carried, mounted on an upright pump or stand freely on a surface. It is durable, colorful, light weight, and is visually  streamline.  And, if I may brag, each Balloon Artist Field Bag is handmade by me, personally.

The Balloon Artist Field Bag is constructed of durable, brightly colored duck cloth with a wide assortment of trim colors allowing me to custom build to meet the personal tastes of the lucky balloon artist that owns one.  Choose colors to match costumes, holidays or event themes! Please review the gallery below of the many beautiful bags I have built to get some ideas of what color combination will best suit you!

Each bag is 12” x 10” x 5” with twelve 5” x 5” pockets on the outside and six 5” x 6” pockets along the top of the inside. Each pocket can easily hold a hundred count of 5’” rounds or 6” hearts and can easily be accessed while neatly concealing the balloons inside to deter wandering fingers and provide a tidy, professional appearance. 

The inner well is designed to hold nozzle-up balloons regardless of their size. I prefer balloons individually rolled in one gallon storage bags held together with two rubber bands.  The balloons stand up whether there are 100 or two in a bag and don’t slip down or fall out. No velcro necessary! There is a flexible divider that separates the well into four sections that aids in supporting the balloons in a vertical manner. 

I generally carry about fifty of each color 260 in my personal bag which would be about a thousand balloons. I know other balloon artists that have put as many as three thousand balloons in the well while fully loaded!

The bag has sturdy loops on the back and slides on to a strong nylon 2” wide work belt that extends to 46” with quick-clip buckles for easy snap-on/snap-off action!  You can wear it as a belt or toss it over your shoulder for fast  getaways or use the belt to strap your Field Bag to a chair or the handle of your rolling rig.

The removable belt also allows you to add bags! If you are a balloon artist that needs more than 18 pockets and a few thousand balloons, ad a second bag to double your volume or a third to triple it. Imagine having 36 or 54 pockets for specialty balloons and two or three large wells for thousands of balloons of all shapes and sizes that can be worn, carried or placed on a surface without tipping over.

Because the system is modular, you can increase or decrease the number of bags as you  may need depending on the type of event or venue you plan to twist at. No need to have several different rigs to choose from.

The Balloon Artist Field Bag is reasonably priced and can easily pay for itself with one booking!

Buy Now Single $80 | Double $150 | Triple $220

Bag colors are customizable, here are some examples.

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