Captain Visual – The World’s One and Only Super Clown!

Now is your chance to own custom hand-made products created by Captain Visual, himself! All items are built promptly and shipped FREE anywhere in the contiguous USA. All other areas please contact directly for shipping arrangements and prices.

Please be sure to look at all the products and imagine all the fun you can add to your merrymaking! Thanks for your interest!

Your pal,

Captain Visual

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PLHummer Kazoo

The loudest, goofiest, most durable, and versatile kazoo on the planet. Made of authentic plumbing supplies. Be the splash at any party!

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STRHummer Kazookulele

Combine a toy ukelele and PLHummer Kazoo technology and you can strum and hum with the best! No skill required!

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Balloon Artist Field Bag

Custom built with your two favorite colors, this modular bag has 18 separate pockets for specialty balloons and a giant well for 260s and other long balloons. Comes with a 46″ adjustable nylon belt that can support up to 3 bags.

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Floating Block Magic Trick

This large sized version of ‘Cubio’ is made of durable material and is perfect for any sized stage performance. The ultimate pack small, play big magic prop.

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Coloring Pages

Send some reference pictures and Captain Visual will create digital files of a unique caricature of your clown, magician, or puppet suitable for coloring and a wide variety of marketing.

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Captain Visual’s balloon books are regarded as classics that belong in every balloon artist’s library.

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Big Book of Balloon Art | Big Book of Holiday Balloons | One Balloon Handbook